Karatasiou Fotini


After completing her studies at the Medical School she made the obligatory tenure in the village of Aliveriou, after which she was a scientific associate of the Poison Center for the years 2000-2002. She was appointed to the University Clinic of the Children's Hospital of Agia Sophia, where she passed the Emergency Departments, Preventive Pediatric Infectious Diseases, Infant Disorders, Oncology, Clinical Pediatric and Chronic Illness, Pediatric Pulmonary Medicine and took the title of Specialization in August 2006. About 2007 she worked at the Pediatric Hospital Materina Clinic, METROPOLITAN and former IKA in the Vaccination Department and its regular practice. In 2014 she is a Clerk in the 2nd Pediatric Clinic of the Athens Medical Center and at the same time maintains a private medical practice in the Municipality of Petropolis at the Children's Centers which was employed by 2007-2010. Since July 2018 she has opened a privately-owned medical parlor in Paros .

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